Thursday, December 31, 2009

The ride

Oh my! No AC!

Happy New year

I just got off the phone with Sergey and Anya... By Russian Tradition, this is the biggest Celebration of the year... So I asked Them what they had planed .... They said... NOTHING... they are home now, and they have there cell phones turned off, and they are going to do nothing... They are sooooo you can imagine, helping people is easier said then done... some people need on going maintenance, and on top of all the work with the Christmas Celebrations, they have had to deal with their share of Maintenance issues today... I know exactly how they are feeling... many times we would come falling back into the apartment late at night, just wanting to drop out of things for a rest.... But after a little visit and an opportunity to vent, they were feeling much better, but then when I shared with them about a wire transfer that we just did they were thrilled...I know that Anya has a heavy heart about the food situation in the Baby Hospital, but when she found out that we have some incredible sponsors for them this winter, she was beside herself...Not only will they have money for food, but All the kids will get new blankets... As well , they will be able to include all the families there in the Christmas parties....
We were also able to let her know that the money was on it's way for the rest of the mattresses for the invalid home... as well as blankets for the two baby orphanages.... by this time she was starting to get excited, but it went over the top for her when we told her that we even had a bit of money on the way that she could use to get furniture for the family that was just moved into the house.... At that point, the new years party truly began for them... they rang in the new year jumping and shouting for joy.... It is easy to get "wherry in well doing", but nothing can breath life back into you as quickly as when people come on board and share your burden.....
She then shared more about the Babushka and the two girls... If it was not bad enough that they lived in such a tinny little room, the land lord that they were paying did not pass on the Power money, so last week, the power company had come and turned off their power... their only heat and source of cooking.... when they moved to the house, all they has was the cloths, two mattresses and two blankets we had given them... in the house there is one table and no chairs.... but at least it has heat.... Anya shared how worried she had been, and how upsetting it had been for her that they could not do more, but now they will be able to set things right.....She finished by saying that a
few minutes ago, she was very sad, but now she was sooooo happy.....
Here is a little highlight from their day ( Just some of the good things ).....
Visiting another one of our orphanages... these are the younger ones that did not go to the skating ......

Then it was off to the Seniors home to visit with our OOOOLD orphans

They were all so happy that they were not forgotton at this special time of year

Each of them got a small gift ( I remember this Babushka from when I helped Jengish rescue her off the streets of the capital and brought her here in the spring)

Then of course there is Anya ... the old girl that is always waiting for her kiss...

Oh and the chess champ ...

and the old general

Anya and Anya

They each received a Pineapple and banana's as well

Funny storey here ... They had never seen a pineapple before, so as Talant gave them out he told them to smell them.... which they did, but Anya had to explain to them that they were not just for smelling, but that they could eat them as well

Here we leave cookies out for Santa, but at the Seniors home, someone left a special surprise for him

and the frost princess as well....

Now we just need to get them to make one of Anya..

Me, Mike & Ike

Just waiting to get on the plane in Miami. Sitting with my good
friends. Should be in Haiti in a couple hours. They tell me it is
quite hot there...I cannot wait.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Miami Sound Machine

C'mon baby you can do the know you can't control yourself
any longer!
Fred here lounging in our hotel room getting ready for a good nights
Dan is out walking off some bad food...he said something about cramps.
Scotty W is thinking about how hot Haiti is going to be and sitting
with the AC blasting. Sam is at the workout center going through his
daily routine :).
We had a great flight today and we are off tomorrow morning early to
Haiti. Stay tuned to this blog for daily updates.

Christmas with our little friends...

This next batch of photo's is from Christmas at two separate orphanages .. If you look closely you will recognise a few of my little friends in some of these ..

Still lots more Christmas parties to go... so come on back tomorrow for more updates,

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Heading 2 Haiti

I got permission from Rachel Mary. I am ready to party. Bring on the

What do Sergey and the Energizer bunny have in common ?

Yesterday I shared with you about a special Christmas for a young friend.... Today , along with bringing Christmas to hundreds of kids in 3 different institutions, the team took time out for a special Christmas surprise.... Do you remember these two little girls we found in the fall... they lived with their grandmother in this tinny one room apartment.....
Well today, Santa brought them the key's to a new home....

Can you imagine such a Christmas blessing... This home will be theirs for the winter... this will also give us time to find the resources to help them find a home that they can truly call their own... but for now, it there is a security in knowing that they will not be out in the cold this winter......
so any way on with the rest of the Christmas celebrations.....Here is this mornings update from Anya

Today we visit home orphanage ...J's....You can see foto when boy hug Santa (Talant) and he very gentle touch beard Santa's, is was very nice, and he very quiet sing the song for Santa. Other fotos we was in Ivanovka hospital, we visit two groups. Kids was very happy. Next we visit (Svetliy Put) in that foto not all kids because the littel one was sleep. Next you can see one family thay live in very, very small room. And for New Year they will live in the big in Lena's house, not for all time, Ed said what we will think what we can do for them. They was very happy. Thank you and thank you for all who can did smile of the child. Thank you from all kids.