Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Upcoming PI Event - Road2Hope

November 6&7, 2010
This will be our second year participating in this great event!
Road2Hope is an exciting run/walk of hope for Possibilities International,
in partnership with Hamilton City Kidz and the Joy&Hope of Haiti.
Run or walk 1K,5K, or 10K (or half or full marathon) to raise
awareness of PI as we strive to help fulfill the simple dreams of the
hurting, helpless and hopeless by raising up a nation of everyday
 Please help us to collect pledges as a participant in the event or
sponsor a participant!!!
Click here for more details!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The next PI Trip is to Haiti!

Trip to Haiti - December 15-23, 2010
While there, we will be helping the Manaserros prepare for their annual Christmas Program.
They invite the children from the feeding program and their families.
Last year they had just over 400 attend. The team's principal focus will be
helping them with the logistics of pulling the program off!
We need people who can paint...work hard...help build sets...set up...
take down... we will also be involved in feeding the entire gathering!
The team will also be involved with their school and caring for people
in the ravine close to their home.
Application and deposit deadline is on 18th of July, but we are
still looking for more team members!
Trip cost: $1900
Team size: 8-12
For more information click here

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mexico...Sharing life and hope with Marta...

Our Dream Agents in Mexico - Rick & Lisa Bursey, hosted a team from Kitchener and Burlington. The team helped restore hope & dignity to a single mom that had lost everything during Hurricane Alex.
                                            Marta and her two daughters, ages 10 and 12.
Marta's original house was completely washed away with the flooding from Hurricane Alex. This shack is her new 'home' where she lives with two of her young daughters. It has only one true wall, 3 makeshift sides and a makeshift roof.
                    Opposite view... the contents of her house were also almost completely destroyed.
Marta was given new double and single beds with new bedframes, a wardrobe for storing items, a complete set of dishes and cutlery, clothing and shoes for her family, bedsheets and blankets, and $50 to spen...d on groceries. Her response.... "Tonight I will sleep like a queen!"
Life changed, dignity restored. We can't help everyone but we can impact the lives of a few. 
Job well done team... job well done!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The one who wanted to live so much...

From our PI Dream Agents in Central Asia:
"A few years ago in one hospital the cleaning lady was washing the room
after abortion and she was in shock when she found a little child in the
garbage bucket after the abortion. She screamed and called doctors right
away, all the doctors were in shock to see a little 700 grams child breathing.
His mom was already 5 month pregnant when she decided to not have him.
Doctors putted him in the isolation room in the special thing and thought
that he is not going to survive...but doctors were wrong -
child was just fighting trying to live. Mom did not wanted to hear anything
about him and actually was upset at the doctors for the situation...
So after the child got better they sent him to our Baby Orphanage and
finally little boy got a name - very common last and first name -
Ivanov Kolya.
He was very-very weak...Doctors still did not believe that he will make it
and they warned us. Yes, we were so afraid to lose him any minute...
but we did whatever we could in order to help him -
we always gave him extra nutrition - cereals, fruits and etc.,
we always took him outside for fresh air (unfortunately not all the children
could have this luxury...it is not enough people working at the orphanage
and usually kids just lay down on  the bed all day long).
We also had him in Kindermusik program where he could develop in
different areas - cognitively, physically and etc. Kolya is doing so well now!
We are so happy to have him with us! He is such a joy for everybody!"
We want to thank you so much for our Kolya!
TO LIVE...You were the feet who cared him, you were the heart who
loved him through the PI Dream Agents you support!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our new Dream Agent from Ghana

Our Dream Agent in Ghana - Sherry is doing a great job!
Sherry thought she was going to be impacting about 150 children...
that number is growing...the last report is about 1000 children!!!
 The kids from Nursery and Elementary loved Canadian crafts!
 Learning what they wanted to be when they grow up!
Way to go Sherry!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a difference!!!

Our PI Ladies in Central Asia recently began to help one blind man.
Here is what they wrote:
"His name is Mansur.
 We completed makeover at his home.
 The pictures say it all...
Mansur was crying...He said: "I have never smelled such a fresh air in my house."
We had a little lesson at the end of the cleaning spree in order to explain Mansur where all his stuff was. Mansur was walking around the apartment crying and crying...at first we became very scared thinking that we had upset him, but Mansur said that he couldn't believe that he is no longer falling down and stepping on something. No one has ever done anything like this for him."

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Hurricane Alex Video #2

The video says it all...

If you want to help the Burseys care for the hurting, helpless and hopeless that have been impacted by Hurricane Alex you can donate here.  Just scroll to bottom of page and click on the donate button.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hurricane Alex hits Mexico!

Just last week Hurricane Alex hit Mexico causing huge flooding.  Our iam1ru Dream Agents Rick & Lisa Bursey were there right in the middle of it.  Take a look at this video below.

You can donate to help the Burseys feed 14-16 people that are presently staying with them. These people have lost their homes and are having to start over. You can donate here.