Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A moment forever etched in my heart

From our Dream Agent, Michelle Desaulniers:

Awhile back, I went with my friends to one of the local children’s hospital here in San Salvador. We were there to hand out “scripture bears” which is a part of their ministry here in El Salvador. This ministry was birthed when my friend was going through chemo in the US while her family was all here in El Salvador.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Place at the Table

Posted by: Rick & Lisa Bursey, Mexico 
So this past week Lisa and I got invited to attend a hoity-toity political event given by the current party in power in our city.  Being as the people who invited us went to a lot of trouble to get us on the list, we were obligated to be there.  Those who know me know that politics and Rick don’t mix too well.  There was a whole lot of people schmoozing and kissing-up and making sure they were being seen by all the right people. 

Normally I can put up with this kind of thing and find something redeeming about the event… not this time… I was not happy.  This is Saturday morning after all!!