Monday, December 28, 2009

A special Christmas gift

Some times a Christmas present doesn't come in a treat bag, but in the form of true blessing.A few years ago Sergey and Anya helped this young girl get an operation so she could walk again.. The operation was a success , and she could walk, but her one leg was just nit right... she could not bend it.. She so wanted to be able to run and especially to ride a bike....

Because she could walk, this would be considered an unnecessary operation, and not one the parents could afford...

This morning , Sergey and Sagin brought her home from the hospital were Christmas eve she recieved that life changing opperation.... OK so it was a little more then $5 but fortunatly we had a few people make donations that were not designated.... stop for a second and check out the smile on her face... that says it all... why noy join the iam1ru club and help us make this the norm... not the exception...!

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