Monday, December 30, 2013

Special Agent Update #3 - Ted & Jo in Mexico

A Fairy Tale Of a Different Kind::
Once Upon a time, in a land of survival, there lived a man named Francisco. We came across him one day as he was busy building a castle for his queen. With many hours of scrounging and sheer determination,his labor of love began to take shape but construction came to a halt when it came to pouring the concrete floor. He had overcome incredible odds, but one thing he couldn't conquer was the few pesos it would take to buy the supplies for this phase of his dream.

Special Agent Update #2 - Ted & Jo in Mexico

The Three Amigos:
Meet Francisco, Edwardo, and Giovanni.These 3 guys had recently 'aged-out' of one of the local orphanages and are trying to carve out a life for themselves with not much more than the clothes they are wearing. Rick & Lisa have begun to take them under their wing and try to mentor them in this part of their journey.

Special Agent Update #1 - Ted & Jo in Mexico

Shop Shop Til You Drop
Well today we loaded up a family of kids from the poor section of town, took them to the local department store and gave them each a specific amount of pesos to spend and then turned them loose! We met these kids last year and they stole our hearts right away.