Thursday, February 11, 2010

I keep waiting....

....waiting on the world to change.

No....I do not think we all need to sell our homes... give all our money away and go live in the mountains.  However, there are days when that seems rather appealing to me. :)
All I guess I am saying, is that we have so much here in North America that we forget many times what others in the world are facing.  Have you noticed that Haiti is no longer "sexy" as far as the media goes?
It is now that the real work begins.  It is sort of like going on a diet and in the first week you lose like
8 lbs.... and you are pumped.  It was mostly water you lost, but hey, you are excited.  Now in week #2 you lose only 2lbs, and you worked your hiney off!  Week #3 you bare down.... work harder, and only lose 1 pound!
In Haiti, over these next months and years it will be very hard work.  The "sexiness" is gone now.  That my friends is when the truly brave and courageous go in.  That is when hard work and hope helps the "ruins rise".  It is when average people like you and I continue to "give and go".  PI is awaiting confirmation on the specific dates of the first "Raise the Rubble" trip.  It is tentatively scheduled for the ned of May.  Please stay tuned to the iam1ru website for further details.

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