Monday, May 31, 2010

The Party has started!

It is blazing hot...we had our first team meeting and the party has started. was not the original plan. All things change in a country like
this. Sometimes hourly. And that is what happened this morning. The house
build will now take place tomorrow. We will be handing out shoes this
afternoon as well as hooking up some AC units. (We are thinking about
nominating "The Fin" for Presidente). We had some teaching slots to fill.
Greg and Scott slid into the Computer Lab slots and will do it all week from
8am-12pm. Dr. Doug May is our resident math "fractions" expert. I will
fill you in more this evening. Stay tuned to this blog for more great
updates and pictures.

Sam Welten
Executive Director (aka....The Freakshow!)
Possibilities International
Everyone can be a philanthropist!

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