Friday, August 9, 2013

The hands that weave

Let me introduce Samuel. Samuel is 70 something years old and even though he has been affected by the dreaded disease of leprosy, he still has vision and passion to not let it break him.

Samuel and his friend spend countless hours sitting outside their one-room living space sharing many stories and, I would imagine, talking about life as it once was before the disease.

Whether good or bad they share their stories. And now, being cast into this village where there is no escape, he makes the best of what little life he has left.
Samuel weaves coconut tree leaves together then turns his weaving into sun hats for young and old alike.

As I sit and talk to him, I am amazed to watch his hands work. They seem old and frail but work with an agility that can only come from HOPE. Samuel has such a great sense of humour. He's telling stories and jokes constantly as we sit there.

Watching him weave and sew gives Mike and I so much hope of being able to help this village with training skills. (Keep an eye out for future dreams on the website about skills training for this village).
Then Samuel walks us from his friends' place to his humble abode where he gives us the privilege of buying two of his finished hats for only 3.50 cedis which is $1.91 Canadian.

Imagine what opportunities that we, as everyday philanthropists, have to help change the lives of so many hurting people in this village.
As the team from Canada are preparing to come and host a party in the Leprosy Village, I ask that you would not think of it as just a party but truly as a way of giving hope to those who are not yet Samuel's age.


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