Saturday, March 6, 2010

Everyday Philanthropy at work!

As many of you know PI presently has a team in Guatemala building a home for a family and also doing medical clinics.  However, while I lead the team here in Guatemala, John Wright (PI's Director of Sponsorships) is preparing to lead a team to Kyrgyzstan.  While they are there they will be following up on past dreams sponsored....checking in on children that are sponsored...visiting friends in their homes...partying with the men at the invalid home....and the list goes on.  We are able to see all these things accomplished because of two key things.  The first is the generosity of everyday philanthropists in Canada and the United States....we also now have partners in England!  If everyone does a little....we can do far more together than we could ever do alone!  The second are the incredible Dream Agents we have on the ground in Kyrgyzstan.  People like Sergei and Anya, Larissa, Vlady, Vera....and many others.  Take a tour of the Act of Kindness blog...some great inspirational reading there.  Be sure to follow this blog over the next few weeks as reports come to you from not only Guatemala but also Kyrgyzstan!

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