Thursday, March 18, 2010

I have no stunt double!

Before I flew to Kyrgyzstan to be with the team here, I had some last minute photos to take in LaTinta and Senahu.  You should see the house that is being built for the young family there!  The blocks are almost done being laid.
 They need to get the blocks all in place because 19 blocks went missing the night before we arrived.  I was so angry when I heard that.  I wish I could have found the thieves...I would have laid the "Chiquita Choke Hold" on them!  The Freakshow told me to settle down but I was not impressed.
Anyways, the young family is pumped about their new home being down.  I dug up a pic of the old one.
As you can see...they are "pumped" for good reason!  Thanks to all that gave so that PI could bless this family with a new home.

I also had the fun of dropping by the school in Latinta.  I got to deliver some supplies to the teachers and that was great fun.  It was a special thrill for me to visit the PI sponsored kids in LaTinta.  It was way to cool to have my pic taken with them.  They are doing great in school and looked "bananariffic" in their uniforms.  Jocelyn was late getting to school so we got Vee to find to have her pic taken.
As you can see it was a wild couple days...then to the airport and off to join John in Kyrgyzstan.  He gave me a few hours to rest when I got here but I am busy, busy, busy again.  I will post again soon.

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