Monday, April 5, 2010

Shopping at the Bazaar

We went to visit Aigoola and to see how her sewing business was going... It was not that long ago that Fred was telling me about visiting this special family in the orphanage... now they have there own home, they have animals and they even have there very own successful business.. they make mattresses and blankets, as well as custom sewing jobs... In fact while we were there , we got an order for 50 more mattresses and 50 blankets... There is going to be a conference in town, and there will be hundreds of people coming... They do not have enough beds for every one, so Aigoola will be making beds and blankets for them... then when the conference is over they are going to bring all the stuff to the Invalid home... I just love to see when so many people are able to blessed at the same time... So today we took Aigola to the Bazaar to get the material... not only did we get a better price then if we had gone to the capital city , but we now have a guaranteed price with "The Man" and Agoola is now one of those people that can just pick up a phone and "call The Man" and everything will be brought right to her house.... she will not have to buy so much stuff at a time, and she will not have to travel to the bazaar when she needs something... so cool.... But what was more cool was to get to ride on the great big truck.... Hehehehe.. reminds me of my days growing up, but then, the truck was full of Banana's....

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