Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Mexico...Sharing life and hope with Marta...

Our Dream Agents in Mexico - Rick & Lisa Bursey, hosted a team from Kitchener and Burlington. The team helped restore hope & dignity to a single mom that had lost everything during Hurricane Alex.
                                            Marta and her two daughters, ages 10 and 12.
Marta's original house was completely washed away with the flooding from Hurricane Alex. This shack is her new 'home' where she lives with two of her young daughters. It has only one true wall, 3 makeshift sides and a makeshift roof.
                    Opposite view... the contents of her house were also almost completely destroyed.
Marta was given new double and single beds with new bedframes, a wardrobe for storing items, a complete set of dishes and cutlery, clothing and shoes for her family, bedsheets and blankets, and $50 to spen...d on groceries. Her response.... "Tonight I will sleep like a queen!"
Life changed, dignity restored. We can't help everyone but we can impact the lives of a few. 
Job well done team... job well done!

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