Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The one who wanted to live so much...

From our PI Dream Agents in Central Asia:
"A few years ago in one hospital the cleaning lady was washing the room
after abortion and she was in shock when she found a little child in the
garbage bucket after the abortion. She screamed and called doctors right
away, all the doctors were in shock to see a little 700 grams child breathing.
His mom was already 5 month pregnant when she decided to not have him.
Doctors putted him in the isolation room in the special thing and thought
that he is not going to survive...but doctors were wrong -
child was just fighting trying to live. Mom did not wanted to hear anything
about him and actually was upset at the doctors for the situation...
So after the child got better they sent him to our Baby Orphanage and
finally little boy got a name - very common last and first name -
Ivanov Kolya.
He was very-very weak...Doctors still did not believe that he will make it
and they warned us. Yes, we were so afraid to lose him any minute...
but we did whatever we could in order to help him -
we always gave him extra nutrition - cereals, fruits and etc.,
we always took him outside for fresh air (unfortunately not all the children
could have this luxury...it is not enough people working at the orphanage
and usually kids just lay down on  the bed all day long).
We also had him in Kindermusik program where he could develop in
different areas - cognitively, physically and etc. Kolya is doing so well now!
We are so happy to have him with us! He is such a joy for everybody!"
We want to thank you so much for our Kolya!
TO LIVE...You were the feet who cared him, you were the heart who
loved him through the PI Dream Agents you support!

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  1. From my Ivanov Kolya to This Ivanov Kolya we send many many hugs and prayers. I know it is a common name but my heart just about stopped when I read his name as it matches my little guy's Russian name.