Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Great News!

This letter came from our PI Dream Agents who work in the
orphanage with 120 children.

Our 120 children went to eat in the cafeteria every day for
breakfast, lunch and dinner and they were never able to wash 
their didn't matter where they were coming from -
playing outside, coming back from school, cleaning their bedrooms...
they went straight to the tables without washing their hands...
And our biggest dream was to have a place before they entered the
cafeteria where all 120 children would be able to wash their hands.
Can you believe, our dream came true...Remember the businessman
who brought extra food (cereal, formula, etc) to the Baby Orphanage?!
He has been doing this for the last four years and hasn't missed one 
week...every week we had one car full of stuff. We always gave this 
businessman reports on how we spend his money on food for the kids, 
we gave him pictures of our chubby babies! 
We also shared with him about other projects we are involved in. 
Last year he came up to us and said that he wants to give
$2000 to help our blind people. We were so happy to get pillows, 
blankets and groceries for them...But that's not all...he came up to us 
this year and said  that he wants to give us $3000 and we right away 
shared with him about our dream to have sinks for the kids to wash their 
hands before eating and he was so pleased to do that.
The children were so exited to help us, they couldn't wait for the final result!
Look at our new place for washing hands!!!
Thank you so much for the faithful support for our PI Dream Agents!!!
These kinds of miracles happen, because they are there and working hard.

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