Monday, August 2, 2010

Making the juice from our own fruits!!!

We've got this letter from our PI Dream Agents who work in the Baby Orphanage.
It is hot in our country right now. It is +50 and our children were
so thirsty, but...not anymore. A beautiful thing happened this year 
because the cherry trees that we planted a few years ago are giving 
us fruit this year.
The children are having so much fun with it - they pick the cherries themselves.
We made a juice from the cherries. The pictures say it all!!!
They love to drink the cherry juice, that they made themselves!
We, North Americans, take the juice for granted, our children don't think
that it is a big deal, but for orphans in Central Asia it is a big celebration!
They never get to eat fresh fruits or drink juice...
Folks, I cannot thank you enough for giving towards our PI Dream Agents.
I am so happy to share with you how little orphans are being taken care of
because of your generosity!!!

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