Friday, September 17, 2010

The training continues...

The training continues...
It is official. I have a screw loose. As I did my 4km the other day it hit me..."I have lost my ability to make sound choices"! Lol. As many of you know I have given myself fully to training to run the 10k at the Road to Hope Race in Hamilton on Saturday, November 6th. (you can watch the news conference video here)
I am basically a week into training and have a website where you can follow my progress (, and see some videos that I am shooting from time to time. I have people asking me, "How can I help Sam?" are a few ways how...
#1 - Sign up to walk/run with us. You can do that here. (We have cool prizes that we are handing about them here)
#2 - You can sponsor me to run the 10k or sponsor another runner. You can do that here.
See the training video updates....
Training Update #1 (with trainer Wendy Pauls)
Training Update #2
Training Update #3
Seriously...check them out. We need your help.
The stories of impact continue. We have some of the coolest people as Dream Agents and they are doing a terrific job.

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