Monday, September 6, 2010

What a special girl...

We continue to partner with Bill and Suzette Manassero in Haiti.
They oversee an orphanage with 47 children.
They recently got a new girl Christella.
Here is what Manasseros wrote about her:
Christella is a very special girl that has lived most of her
life on the streets of Port-au-Prince. She's a survivor.
Hard as nails. Crafty. A fierce competitor who loves to play.
Knowing more than she ever wanted to know about the ugly
side of life. But beneath the tough exterior is a sweet little girl
who is just trying to reclaim a lost childhood.
She seems quiet to the point of being shy.
Making eye contact is more an effort than a challenge.
A bigger challenge only to making her smile.
For a stranger - forget it! You'll have to try to break the 
ice on your next visit.
We know little about her pre-MDL life. There is no family to speak
of but she claims they are out there somewhere. We found
her after she had shaved her head and was pretending to be
a boy to get into a special home for street boys.
When she was discovered a friend who was involved in the
program called and basically said, "She can't go back to the
We know that most street girls would rather take up residence 
in a person's home where they are regularly abused than to
subject themselves to the unknowns of sporadic and ofttimes
frightening abuse on the streets.
Even though we had no space at the girls home we took her
in and are so thankful we did!
I can't wait to meet Christella personally in December when
I take a team to Haiti!
We still have couple of spaces left in the team, so here is your
chance to join us!
Please click here to find out more about the trip to Haiti!

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