Friday, October 22, 2010

The life after orphanage...

From our Dream Agents in Central Asia...

"You may not be aware that some of our orphans get
accepted into college for two years when they become
16 years old. Previously, they had to leave the orphanage
and live on their own, but we have an agreement with the
college so that our children have a place to live for two
additional years. We have two PI ladies working at the
orphanage with children from 7 to 16 years old. When
the children move to the college they have two other PI
ladies there helping them every day to get used to this
"new independent" life. Our dear PI ladies do everything
they can. They really just give their hearts to these children.
There used to be a great percentage of suicides in that
age group. Children were so lonely; they did not know
what to do. They had no place to live, no jobs, and no one
to help them. Every year in the spring, the PI ladies from the
college try really hard to help the children who turn 18 years
old and have to leave, find a job. We had such great results
last year. All the young people found jobs except one. This
boy Ozerov is severely mentally disabled, and people did not
want him even though we told them that he is a very kind and
nice boy. But we have good news. He finally got a job. With
the help of our ladies he was hired in the same orphanage as
a gardener. Look at how happy and proud he is and he is
doing an amazing job!

Our children now believe that it is possible to have a good job!!!"

And I have more news folks. This year all 36 "graduating" orphans
found jobs!!! Somebody shout !!! Thank you for providing these
orphans with hope!!! They know that they are not alone.

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