Saturday, December 24, 2011

Blind Seniors in Central Asia Pay it Forward

This is a GREAT update from our Dream Agents in Central Asia.  A dream to have a Christmas party for Blind seniors was sponsored...and it sparked a desire for them to share with others.

Here's the update we received: 
We had an amazing Christmas this year!!!
I was excited to announce to my blind friends about the blessings that came from Canada 
to have a Christmas party this year. My friends were so happy to get together and celebrate 
the Birthday of Jesus. I also shared with my friends about another dream that was sponsored 
-- an orphanage with 120 orphans received money for a Christmas party too and they decided
to have a "Cookie baking party" (The kids were so excited to eat different kind of cookies). 
This gave my blind friends an idea--"Let’s make cookies and not eat all of them but make them 
and share them with baby orphans." (another orphanage in our area). It was so much fun to 
spend all day making cookies for orphans. It was their first time to make cookies! Can you 
imagine...never in their life have they made cookies themselves. They even decorated the 
cookies themselves. Blind people felt so happy to be able to bless babies. In the pictures 
you can see how much fun they had going to the orphanage and sharing cookies with babies.
After all the baking and sharing, the blind people had their own Christmas party. We sang lots 
of songs, and ate delicious homemade food. They said that they dreamed about these kinds
of meals.

To see more photos and read the original dream. click HERE 

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