Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Update from Special Agent Pauls - 04.09.12

Wow. I'm sorry folks, I have definitely been lacking in the bloggin' department.

Let me make it up to you :)

Since my last blog update, we have received the other intern - Calvin, fixed roofs, gone to a wedding, and a quinceanera (that's a a fifteenth birthday party...a big deal in Spanish culture), hosted another team come for a week,  swam with orphans in the river, overcame the flu, taken some river kids to a water park for the day, taught new songs and dances to the kids at Bethany orphanage, laughed, cried and so much more!!

The longer I stay here in Mexico, the harder it is to imagine leaving...
Don't get me wrong folks, I love Canada and miss my family and friends dearly, BUT as time goes on I get more and more attached to the people and culture here. The Burseys are still one of the most amazing families I have ever met. They continue to show great strength, faith and perseverance and I am more like a sister to their wonderful sons everyday. The Mexican people I have met over the last months... well they're awesome! I have really gotten to know these people and how they live their lives here in Mexico. I will miss them dearly.

On another note, I have yet to find a proper need for the M.A.D money (you may remember that a donor gave me $500 in "Make A Difference" money when I returned in January). Yes, there are many needs here in Mexico, its not due to a lack of need that I have not spent the money yet...it's just that we have just been rather busy with teams and such, and unfortunately have not found a proper applicant. I will be sure to inform you all as soon I find the lucky person though!

Another cool thing we have been doing here is giving English classes!!
Calvin and I have given about 4 English classes so far to some of the wonderful Mexican people here that are working with Rick and Lisa. It is very cool to watch them learn and grow as the classes continue. These classes have not only taught them more English, but it forces us to use more Spanish as well. It has been a blast so far! We even got them to put a skit together one day. Sooo funny!!

Well. That's some of what's been happening down here. Don't forget to check out the P.I site for more dreams and stories!! (www.iam1ru.com)
I hope to be updating you soon with a M.A.D money story. But until then. Adios!

Special Agent Pauls

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