Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day Eight in El Salvador...

Hola!  It's 8:30 pm here and we just finished supper about 20 mins ago.  Yet another full day : )  This morning, we went to a village area (poor area) not too far out of the city.  The YWAM staff run a weekly children's program there on, we tagged along to offer our assistance. (We also brought along a few of our donated items -- a bar of soap and toothbrush for each child).
We enjoyed our time with the children -- they are well behaved and grateful.  And it was great to watch our new YWAM friends in action (and try to figure out the bible story, even though it was in Spanish).  We came back to the base to change, and then climbed into the vehicles en route to Apaneca.  We stopped for a bite to eat on the way and drove for an hour and a half to the Apaneca Canopy Tours (ziplining).  The team has been working really hard all it was great to treat everyone to an afternoon of fun (and a first time experience for so many). We brought almost all of the YWAM team along to treat them to a fun afternoon also.  The pics help tell the rest of the story. 

Buenas Noches!

Playing some games with the kids before their bible lesson

The normal location was holding an eye clinic, so we used a nearby church to meet
Listening to the teaching

Nicole getting ready to "zip"

Mrs. Davis looking like a pro before her first zip
Chantal looking pretty calm & cool

Puneet - not so "cool" at the beginning, by a pro by the end of the day

Daniel - looking a little too relaxed lol







Mrs. Davis and Kaitlyn

Mrs. Farrow

Waiting on the stairs was a bit creepy (we are up pretty high)

Priscilla taking off on the longest line
Not sure who this is...but it gives you perspective about how long this line was!


Rosanna (the confidence has increased by this point)
some of the group (this is my only ziplining pic of Rachel...because she was WAY at the front)





  1. Puneet! Looks like you were freaking out! Was there not anyone there to encourage you....get you to the edge of that you could conquer your fears?

  2. Thank you all for being a GREAT team! We loved having you! You blessed so many people here in El Salvador! We hope to have you guys back soon!