Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Day in Kyrgyzstan - A Day in the Fog

Okay...after 18 hours of flying...and 38 hours of no sleep....we arrived at 3:20am today.  Now, I must say that only once have I ever cleared immigration and customs as quick as we did here.  You no longer need a visa here if you are from Canada and staying 60 or less days.  So I was first in line...and bam!  Through!  Then our luggage was first to come out on belt...bam!  Hey, wait a minute are we not supposed to fill out a customs form....this is wayyyy too easy.  I have the form and am about to fill it out and I see others just walking through.  So I take my form, not a thing filled in, and follow the crowd...bam!  Through. LOL.
We got into our apartment, relaxed for like one hour and then to John & Julie Wrights for breakfast.  Here is a brief tour of our day with some pics...
Only a few countries in the world where they sweep the dirt on front of their homes.

We visited Dayspring, which is a program that houses young children that otherwise may find themselves on the street or in a government orphanage.  It is truly a place where "hope for the future" is offered to these children.
We also went to the market to get some supplies for our visit to the dump tomorrow.  There are about 20 families that we are going to impact with some food that they will help feed their families for a month or so....pasta...rice...oil...sugar...etc. John was diligent doing the shopping.

We then visited the maternity hospital where John & Julie Wright and other connections have done considerable remodeling.  We got a great tour that required us to wear masks. Below, we are looking upon a premature baby boy that had been born at 7 months.

It's intereseting how these hospitals work here -- The fathers are not allowed onto the same floors as the mothers and newborn.  The first view a father gets of their new child is at a numbered window.  So he is told he can see his newborn son or daughter at window #5.  Is that crazy or what?

Before retiring to our apartment for some much needed shut eye, we attended a party of some english speaking students at the local university.  They got some special student planners from a lady in Norwood, Ontario.  Her brother (Charles) happens to be with me on this trip which was very cool as I had him stand with the students for this picture.
We have a busy day planned for tomorrow...will keep you posted.

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  1. Hi Sam...so great to see you there and making the rounds of all the LAMb projects. Be blessed and know you are in our prayers as you love on all our dear friends and LAMb project partners.