Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dream Agents are real people too

Here is a "picture" of a normal day in the life of your Dream Agent Extraordinaire (LOL) from El Salvador, Michelle. Not only am I a Dream Agent, i am also a friend, wife, mother, daughter, sister, boss...and sometimes it is hard to juggle all those roles and make everyone happy all the time.
These last few days I have been really sick in bed with the flu. Today I am finally starting to feel more human - thank God! But something happened today that has really struck me hard. It is something that I failed to do - but I didn't even know that I was supposed to do it. But the reality of it all is - it happened and there are consequences to my lack of actions. You see, a few days ago my 6 year old son lost his first tooth, then a few days later he lost his second tooth. He's been carrying them around in a big tupperware container for days and we've been talking about going to the dollar store with his money he was going to receive for loosing the teeth. Last night - unknown to me - he put his teeth under his pillow expecting to receive money in the morning. Well, my kids I thought all knew that the Tooth Fairy isn't real but we live in El Salvador and I guess I forgot to mention that El Raton (the rat) that leaves you money for your teeth isn't real either. Today we received 2 phone calls from the school - one from Darcy's teacher and one from our friend at the school who is a teacher. Darcy is crying - He left his teeth under his pillow and this morning the money wasn't there. He's crying because he's been such a good boy and he assumes that the money isn't there because El Raton thinks he's been bad? Really I am not sure what he thinks just that he's been so good so why is the money not there? As a mom I feel so bad for him. I can't even believe this happened. I love him with all my heart - yet I let him down. Life is not perfect. I will let you down. But that doesn't mean I don't care. Maybe others have let you down. The key is to learn from our mistakes and failures and always continue on our walk through this one chance in life that we have been given. Don't give up when you fail or someone else has failed you. Rise up, forgive, and move on. Do your best, always.
Now to try and explain all this to my sweet 6 year old when he comes home from school...

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