Thursday, January 3, 2013

iam1ru El Salvador - Day 7 - Sitting in the back!

I missed days 5 and 6 as I was very sick.  During those days when I was out for the count the team took a bunch of homeless folks to the beach for a day.  Sounds crazy but very impacting.  They continued to work on the building that will eventually be used to bring hope to the homeless and prostitutes.  They delivered a mattress to the family we built the house for.  

Today I sat in the back of two very different vehicles.  The first was a boat that we rented for Deep Sea Fishing.  It has always been a dream for me to go out and fish for sailfish, marlin, tuna and the like.  I sat in the back of the boat for 9 hours.  We caught 30 fish.  It was the day of all days as far as fishing goes.  We also got to see thousands of dolphins and a whale.  It was fun.
Tonight I sat in the back of a pickup truck as we delivered food to the homeless.  That was a ride of under 60 minutes.  I cannot show you pictures because we took none.  Trust me...what I saw from the back of the second vehicle impacted me more that all the fun I had earlier.  No shouting.  I watched Jon, David, Kelly, Rick, Michelle, Al, and Lorena hand out food with love and compassion.  Watching little children run out to the truck because they knew these people cared for them.  Wow!  
We leave early tomorrow morning for the airport and will be back in Toronto by 5pm.  These four men have had a great impact on lives here. are the bomb!  Your passion for life inspires me.  George...your care for people draws me to want to be more like that. (Apart for the whole kissing the tuna episode) Al can travel with me anytime. crack me up!  Made me laugh so many times....and you like never quit....wanting to work like a freak.
Great trip boys.

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