Friday, April 5, 2013

Home again - Home update from Ghana

Sometimes I feel a little like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz as I am walking in the streets here in Osu. I see signs and billboards that make me think I must be somewhere else!! I am sure I am not in Halifax but I wonder who has been, to come up with this name for their Pharmacy?

We have been back in Ghana just over four weeks, and like normal, we've hit the ground running. Between readjusting from cold to hot and getting back into the swing of things it's been challenging.

We have had water shortage since we arrived, Mike keeps saying “Welcome to the mother land” =D

We have fulfilled two dreams since we’ve returned – Learning Aids for the nursery school and also Whiteboards and Bulletin Board for a nursery School right here in the ghetto!

Canada was a great experience for Mike.

I didn’t realize how the simple things in our lives made such an impact on him until he is talking to someone and he starts explaining something. I laugh!

It’s so good to see all of the children. It’s good to walk down the road and hear the children call me auntie Sherry. We have been working with the young boys, 8-13, playing football. Now when we are in the streets the young guys says there’s my coach. They have been doing so well. They come after school with such a love for the sport.

We have been visiting some families in the neighborhood. Going place to place in the ghetto has been an eye opening experience. Mike keeps saying I can’t believe people live in these conditions in the city. Check out our dreams for food for grandmothers and their grandchildren…

On another note… We were walking through the alleyway the other morning and there were a few children playing there, as we passed one of the little girls said “I will come again to your next party”! It’s exciting to know that we are impacting people with our presence here!

We have already posted dreams on the website... Please take time and check them out here 

You can really make a change in someone’s life for very little.
Thank you for helping make simple dreams become reality!

Sherry and Mike

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