Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What it is all About!

I remember a few years ago, we had two young boys from the orphanage come to our house on a day out and for some reason that I don’t remember, we had an extra box of about 50 ice-cream cones at our house. We weren’t sure what we would do with them so we decided to get the boys to take them around our neighbourhood and give them to the kids around the block.
This little act of kindness was so amazing. The boys thrived on being able to give for once in their lives. The children that got the ice cream were in shock because some little boys with disabilities gave them ice cream for no apparent reason! Now this was about 3 years ago, but I still remember that shine, glowing from these two boys’ faces when they experienced the act of giving; the act of being a philanthropist! And you know, this has impacted me and the way that I work with dreams to this day. I love getting people that we have helped in the past to come and now help me, help others. For ones who have never been given the opportunity in life to help and for those who have never been given the opportunity to receive! So, recently on the Iam1ru dream site there was a simple dream to give out ice cream to the neighbourhood kids again, but this time we put a little twist to it... we stood in the middle of the busiest park on one of the hottest days with our three little helpers and 160 ice cream cones. They started giving them out and before long there was a multitude of children, children not only wanting ice cream but wanting to help give them out. We made a deal with the children... they had to find one other child to give an ice cream to before they could get one themselves. They just kept on coming and coming, 160 ice cream cones were not enough! So my father from Actofkindness went out and got 400 more ice cream cones and they were gone before long too. It was an amazing day and it was really an amazing testimony on how to be an everyday philanthropist... One ice cream cone, which is $0.08 gave a chance for a child to give and a chance for a child to receive!

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