Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Tale of an Everyday Philanthropist!

Steve and Judy Blockeel are PI's agent in Guyana.  We have a child sponsorship/food hamper program that they oversee there.  While visiting this past January-April, both Steve and Judy were involved in a trade school directed by a local church there in Herstelling, Guyana.
 Judy was involved in the Catering/Cooking class and Steve was heavily involved in the Welding/Fabricating class.  I (Sam Welten/Executive Director of Possibilities International) was there to visit Blockeels in early April.  Wow!  What a great job they are doing.  The lives of the hurting, helpless and hopeless are being impacted in incredible ways.  Steve had a dream to bless the man that owned the welding shop with a MIG welder.  He thought that it would be a great way to say thank you to him for hosting the class and for the investment he had made in the students.  Also, it would pay forward into other students lives in the future.  So we got to work when we got back in Canada to check into prices for a good used machine.  We called a friend who handles such equipment and asked him about pricing and where we would find a good used machine.  He steered us away from something used and checked into the pricing for a new machine.  Soon I received an email with the price of a new machine.  It was going to be just over $2,000 for a good machine.  We were about to load it up onto the website (www.iam1ru.com) as a Dream Project and see if we had any sponsors.  Steve said he would take care of the shipping.  Well, the owner of the business informed us that the business would like to sponsor this "dream" themselves. You bet baby!  Brand new machine....fully sponsored by this business!  As you can see, the owner of the shop and his son look great with their new machine.  Judy looks pretty excited also.  Everyday Philanthropists like you help us to invest in the lives of not only the hurting, helpless and hopeless, but also in those who help others.  Wendy often says, "we help people, help people".  Check out what else we are up to www.iam1ru.com

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