Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A moment forever etched in my heart

From our Dream Agent, Michelle Desaulniers:

Awhile back, I went with my friends to one of the local children’s hospital here in San Salvador. We were there to hand out “scripture bears” which is a part of their ministry here in El Salvador. This ministry was birthed when my friend was going through chemo in the US while her family was all here in El Salvador.
One day during her chemo session, someone gave her a teddy bear and the scripture bear ministry was birthed. That teddy bear meant a lot to her during a really difficult time in her life. It is her goal to have the same impact on the children that she meets and blesses with these teddy bears. We met so many children that day. Children in body casts, leg casts, waiting for operations, waiting in waiting rooms, waiting in the emergency room. Tons of children all in need of a smile – something to brighten their day and there we were. The child that touched my heart the most was a little girl that was in one of the waiting rooms. She saw us with all the bears and she didn’t want to miss out on getting one. She was a sweetest little girl in her best dress and she hobbled to see us, the closer she got to us the faster she got – which is saying something. When I say she hobbled – I mean hobbled - kind of like a penguin. She had some sort of abnormality in her legs. But that didn’t stop her! And now she is forever etched in my heart. Moments like this don’t happen too often but they are the ones that keep you going when the going gets tough!

No matter where we are in the world we can make the world brighter for someone with just a smile. ☺

I love what we do here in El Salvador!


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