Tuesday, September 3, 2013

A Place at the Table

Posted by: Rick & Lisa Bursey, Mexico 
So this past week Lisa and I got invited to attend a hoity-toity political event given by the current party in power in our city.  Being as the people who invited us went to a lot of trouble to get us on the list, we were obligated to be there.  Those who know me know that politics and Rick don’t mix too well.  There was a whole lot of people schmoozing and kissing-up and making sure they were being seen by all the right people. 

Normally I can put up with this kind of thing and find something redeeming about the event… not this time… I was not happy.  This is Saturday morning after all!!

And then it happened!  In walks Miguel.  He is a ten-year-old boy who politely asked if a seat across the table from me was taken.  It wasn’t.  He sat and appeared to be waiting for someone or something.  So of course we struck up a bit of a conversation with him.  We asked who he was with and he just flatly said.  “Oh… I’m here alone. “  And when asked about his parents… “They’re at home, I come here because I like the air-conditioning.  I come to weddings here all the time.”  Miguel is a bonafide 10 year old WEDDING CRASHER!  I am loving this kid right out of the gate!  Now my day just got interesting!

Should be fun to watch him deal with the waiters when they find out what he is doing!  I began planning out how I would tell them that he was with us and he was welcome at our table.  I was even thinking that if they wouldn’t serve him I would give him my food and soda.   Not trying to be a hero… I just love kids like him and he just seemed to be so happy to be there. 

Along comes waiter number one… spots him out of the corner of his eye as he passes.  He looks back, zeros in on him and immediately drops a coke in front of him with a big wink!  Miguel smiles and enjoys his first coke of the day.  He uses it to wash down the 3 big spearmint candies he has stuffed in his mouth.   He has been munching on them since he sat down.   Soon waiter number two… coke number two. Then the food… he is served first each time.  As a matter of fact, one waiter ignored us altogether and just served him the last coke on his tray. 

This kid is a king here!  This kid must be the owner’s son! This kid must be somebody connected!  Turns out, this kid is from the street, he shows up there to eat whenever there is a wedding or special event.  The wait staff not only let him in for free, they treat him like a king.   He is Miguel the wedding crasher, Miguel the street kid, Miguel the nobody… but for a short time he is Miguel the King.   Here he knows he is welcome.

Moments like these give me hope.  There are a lot of crazy things that go on here in México.  You see the news.  But there are amazing people here who know the value of one little heart.  Men who would treat a child like a king.  I am proud to serve here.  I will even sit through torturous political events if it means I get to meet one Miguel!  Keep crashing buddy!  Take your rightful place at the table!  


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  1. Great story Rick! There is hope for humanity after all.