Friday, January 3, 2014

Special Agent Update #5 - Ted & Jo in Mexico

Special Agent Skinny Santa:
Well there have been a number of Skinny Santa sightings in the Linares area of Mexico these days. On Christmas eve day he was seen riding thru town with his team of dream agent elves and making stops in the river district causing quite a stir with the kids who live there.

There are reports of him walking randomly through the streets this week with bags of candy and toys while he continues yelling "YEAH BABY!!" which seems to be the signature cry of this peculiar character. It is a sight to see how kids seem to emerge from the shadows as he walks down the street and altho he seems to have a mission, he never passes up an opportunity to be led by some random kid who wants to take him to see their parents or grandparents. There are also reports of this group showing up in the poorer districts of the city and distributing food hampers to the families that live there. He also made some stops to fulfill dreams on behalf of PI helping to deliver fridges and tamale dinners to a number of families in the projects and other areas of town. This is the second year that he has been seen in town during the Christmas season and we are wondering if this is something that will be a regular occurrence in the years to come. Many of the local people are talking about this new phenomenon, some laughing as they share, others in awe and yet others (mainly kids) speak with giddy glee brought on by the sugar overload from all the treats he hands out. In any case, he continues to cause quite a stir as he interacts with local people and rarely rolls through without many smiles, giggles and looks of awe, wonder and maybe a little confused disbelief.........not to mention possibly a few cases of whiplash as people spin their heads around quickly to catch a glimpse of this new person in town. TED & JO

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