Monday, December 30, 2013

Special Agent Update #3 - Ted & Jo in Mexico

A Fairy Tale Of a Different Kind::
Once Upon a time, in a land of survival, there lived a man named Francisco. We came across him one day as he was busy building a castle for his queen. With many hours of scrounging and sheer determination,his labor of love began to take shape but construction came to a halt when it came to pouring the concrete floor. He had overcome incredible odds, but one thing he couldn't conquer was the few pesos it would take to buy the supplies for this phase of his dream.

This man had instantly earned my respect, for on the outside we saw a simple man living in humble circumstances, but inside I saw the heart of a king. When we heard their story of where they had come from and what they had been through, the depth of his character began to be revealed. I could see that this man understood that even tho they lived in a rough part of town and his palace would be built with the discards of others, (not to mention that when completed, his castle would consist of a single room that measured a mere 12 ft. x 15 ft), a home to call her own where she felt safe secure and loved,is where a woman becomes a queen. So for a few pesos we purchased some plastic pipe and some concrete mix for him so that he could continue in his pursuit and conquer his dream. I would love to say that they lived happily ever after but I am just not naive enough to believe that is possible in this harsh world they live in. But as I ponder Francisco's situation, I find something much more precious than a fantasy of happily ever after. True love and unstoppable joy in the midst of trials is greater by far. Most of us would pass by this place with little more than a glance,but I've met the people and seen the inside of the story and I can testify that tho the world continues to pass by this place, few realize that here lives a king who is building a castle for his love where she will feel like a queen. TED & JO

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