Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Exciting news from Central Asia!

Philanthropy is "spreading"
One of our projects in Central Asia is working with the orphans in the college. When orphans turn 16, they have to leave the orphanage - their "home" - and go live on their own.

Typically, they do not have families to turn to, jobs to go to, or places to live. Fortunately, we worked out an agreement with two colleges who agreed to receive children from the orphanage when they turn 16 years old. This allows the young teens to live in dormitories (free of charge) for an additional two years - working on their skills and education to help them move into a profession. We currently have two PI ladies working with in the college with these teens.

Three years ago, we started a new tradition - a graduation party for the 18 years old's. This year, one of the local ladies heard about this tradition and was moved to sponsor the party. She gave about $200 towards this party. You can see from the photos that the teens thoroughly enjoyed having a real graduation party.

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