Thursday, June 23, 2011

A note from Sam Welten,Executive Director.

Living the dream!!!
Wow! This nation of "everyday philanthropists" we are building is totally crazy - over the top generous!
On Monday morning, we sent out a special message about our Dream Agent, Sherry Peters, in Ghana.

 We put out a call for help as we needed to raise some support for her living expenses until she comes back to Canada in late August or early September. The goal was $1,500. In less than 24 hours, we had just over $2,000! Go outside of your house and jump and yell and celebrate! You guys are "out of this world"! Now, that is what I am talking about. And, while that was going on, other dreams were being sponsored on the iam1ru website.
It is watching things like this happen that spur me on to continue to chase the dream of building a huge group of people, a nation, just like you.
Thanks for the part you play in making this "the best gig on the planet"!
Living the dream,

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