Thursday, June 2, 2011

Another dream fulfilled!!!

Samuel got a bed, covering and MORE!!

From Ken and Michelle Desaulniers (Dream Agents in El Salvador):

We had the pleasure of delivering all of his birthday presents on Monday. With the money you gave, we were able to purchase a matrimonial size bed, all the bedding (including a 2nd set of sheets), pillows, a mirror, a clock, bath mats

(the boys at the orphanage had no idea what these were - they had never seen a toilet cozy nor bath mats before - which by the way we got for free), shampoo and hand soap.

Samuel was overwhelmed with emotion - nobody had ever given him this
many gifts in all of his life. Samuel is the sweetest boy and he truly made
our day. Kids like Samuel are why we do what we do and love it.

Thanks to all you who helped make this dream come true!

Here's the video of Samuel's Dream fulfilled!

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