Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Update from Special Agent Pauls

Lauren left for Mexico on Monday, Sept 19th.  Her first week was primarily focused on getting settled into her new surroundings and meeting some of the amazing people the Burseys are involved with. We've asked her to share regular brief updates...


Lauren here, reporting all the way from Linares Mexico.
These last couple of days, while we continue to wait to open Casa Posibilidades (the new orphanage) officially, we have been partying it up! The festivities began with a farewell fiesta for a fellow volunteer worker - he is heading back north for school. Next,  we were invited to celebrate a little girls 1st birthday with her and her family! After a weekend full of new faces, good-byes, my first Mexican church service, and a birthday fiesta, we finished off with a surprise birthday party for me!!  The Burseys totally surprised me with a party Sunday night, complete with ice-cream cake, Nacho Libre (the movie), and a HUGE Tinkerbell piñata! It was a night to remember.

Special Agent Pauls completing her "self-defense" training! She's now safe from potentially dangerous fairies!

So, if the celebrating and struggling with Spanish wasn't enough I also got a little greeting from the biggest moth I've ever seen! It was just sitting on my wall as I walked into my room one night. I swear the thing was a bird, or a plane or something. It was CRAZY!
It's a bird...it's a plane...no, it's a Mexican moth!

Well, that's what's been happening here... We're growing impatient, just waiting to finalize everything so we can get some kids in here! But in the mean time I'm working on my Spanish, we're doing everything we can to prepare, and we're just praying it will all work out soon.

Talk to y'all soon. Don't forget to keep sponsoring those dreams!!

SpecialAgentPauls :)

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