Friday, September 30, 2011

A Broken Dream...but we CAN help!

 An update from our Dream Agents in Mexico - Rick & Lisa Bursey:

As many of you Everyday Philanthropists know, we have been involved for quite awhile with the family of a little girl named Jackline.  She is almost 5 and cute as a button.  The living conditions she is subject to are atrocious to say the least.  We posted a dream awhile back to help purchase a fridge and stove for Jackline's family  because they have no place to store food and the children are often fed food that is very questionable. (see the original dream here)
The dream was fulfilled and we bought the fridge and stove... but before we could deliver them to the family they were stolen from a garage that we had placed them in for a few days.  So we have posted that dream again. (Current dream details here) In the mean time, our worst fears have come to pass.  Little Jackline has come down with an infection in her digestive system that had to be operated on.  She has been sitting in the hospital with an open stomach (held together by only 3 staples) that the doctors wouldn’t close until they know the infection has completely cleared.  The doctors are afraid they will have to operate again if the infection doesn’t completely heal, and they do not want to open her up twice.  It would be just too much for her.  As of yesterday she has received the antibiotics needed to try to combat the infection, but will have to survive for the next 4 months on a powder meal supplement because she cannot eat solid food.
We need to understand... this problem is most-likely a direct result of the very same poor living conditions we are trying to alleviate.  Sometime this work is just too much.  Watching a little girl like Jackline suffer because she was born into a situation she has no control over is just sad.  This dream is still posted... we need some help here and the sooner the better.   Thanks for listening...  Jackline is not out of the water yet... keep her in your thoughts and prayers.
Much love!
Rick and Lisa Bursey, Dream Agents to Mexico

NOTE:  as of today - Friday, September 30, there is only $120 needed to fulfill this dream to buy a fridge, stove and electrical box for this family.  To donate, click HERE

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