Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Good news from Central Asia

An update from our Dream Agents in Central Asia: We continue get excited about our “graduates “ (orphans who start living on their own) . This is Rustam and he just got a job in a store. 
This might not seem very exciting for us, but for the kids growing up in the orphanages -- it is a big deal!!  In the past, our children were never accepted in  places like this. People were so "afraid" of orphans and thought that they will steal and cheat. Typically, business owners would say "no" to job opportunities for our kids and wouldn’t even give them a chance.
We are so happy that more and more of our children are starting to get these trustworthy jobs. We shared recently that two of our girls got jobs in the hotel...and now, we are excited to announce that  Rustam is working as a cashier. 

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