Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Life in Mexico - Update from Special Agent, Lauren Pauls

Hola amigos.

Realization of the day: There is so much more to this 'dream agent thing' than the actual fulfilling of the dreams. Living here in Mexico with the Burseys has opened my eyes to what living a life like this actually entails. As wonderful as fulfilling the dreams is, that's just not the reality of everyday life here. Being a dream agent is so much more!
Everyday something new arises. From people coming to us with new dreams, to household chores, from getting the boys ready for their test the next day, to visiting and checking up with the families we have already fulfilled a dream with... Not one day is the same as the other.  It sure keeps this interesting!

We were heading into Monterrey the other day for a meeting, and thought it might be a good idea to bring along this one family we know. You see, there is this young lady named Alondra, and she has had a rough life so far... With three kids (ages 8, 5, and 4), being a single mom, having no job and being stuck in this poverty cycle, things aren't exactly looking up for her. She wants what's best for her kids, but being so young and unsure of how to make things better, she doesn't have her kids as a priority. (And the kids are suffering for it). Rick and Lisa love these kids dearly and have been trying to get them into their orphanage, but with things being slow in that area, it's been difficult to have to wait. After some discussion with Alondra, she agreed to come with us to Monterrey and check out an orphanage there in which her kids could go until we were ready to receive them.
The day turned out better than we could have imagined! First of all it was super cool for me when Rick and Lisa had a meeting and I was just hanging out with Alondra and her kids. You see she doesn't speak any English and you can probably guess that I am nowhere near fluent in Spanish. So the hour or so when we were alone was frustrating, and amazing all at once. Haha
Using my little known Spanish, some hand signals, my iPad, and the help of a few passing strangers, we were able to communicate just enough to make us laugh. There was a weird sense of we were comfortable with each other even though we couldn't understand each other. It was very cool.  And, by the end of the day, the kids had met and joined their new temporary family and were off to get cleaned up for dinner.  Alondra joined us for dinner feeling sad but glad that she had done the right thing -- we all had a feeling of relief and success. The kids are doing well so far,  Alondra has found a job and we're just hoping and praying that things continue to look up for this family!
This is just one of the many stories that I could share with you. People are always looking for a smile and a helping hand around here.
Look out for some new dreams coming soon. And remember that your donations go far beyond the need themselves.

Keep Mexico in your prayers.
Hasta luego!
Alondra - a young mom

Zulenka - the middle child

Fernanda - the youngest

Rick with the oldest child - Eminem

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