Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Time Unwasted

I had the awesome privilege yesterday of watching hurting lives being changed for the better.  Not through tangible or financial means, but an extension of love through the sharing of someone’s TIME. 
We often see our ability to meet a need in direct relation to our ability to write a cheque.  But the definition of a true everyday philanthropist is someone that gives daily of their time, energy, passion, and resources.   How many great intentions would we meet if we only had the time?   Let me rephrase that… if we only took the time.

Yesterday was a national holiday here in Mexico, and our friend Karen and her family dropped by to visit for the day.  We watched a parade together, ate together, and drove to the river so Karen’s family could meet the family whose dream “Nurse Karen” recently helped us fulfill.  
And it was during this meeting of strangers… that something incredible happened.   Karen’s mom, Ana Luisa, greeted this family with a warm hug.  She stood in the tiny shack amongst the smell and the flies and listened as Jackline’s grandma poured out her pain through the telling of her story.   We stood and watched as Ana Luisa cried with them, held them, and spoke hope and encouragement into their lives.     A complete stranger, yet she made time in her busy day… to love. 
In all the busyness we allow into our week, all the social media, all the entertainment, all the meaningless and mundane, it’s shameful to think of what our neighbourhoods could be… if only we’d all be willing to stop hiding behind the schedules and take time to reach out to somebody that’s hurting, helpless, or hopeless.  Even if just for one hour a week.

Lisa Bursey

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  1. Now that is what I am talking about! Vee and I are looking forward to hanging with you guys in late January. AND.....looking forward to bringing a PI Team in early May. Giddyup Sports Fans!