Monday, December 31, 2012

iam1ru - El Salvador - Day Four

Today the team started at the future Ministry Center that will impact the homeless and prostitutes.  They scraped...tore out bathrooms....poured a concrete floor...and the list goes on.  When they were done there....about 2:30pm....they headed back to the base to get ready for a little New Years Eve fun at the boys orphanage.  We played soccer with them (scored 5 goals...not sure how many they was "well" into double digits) and then cooked a supper for them and then had the "mother" of all fireworks show.  It was a riot!  All in all it was 12 hour day. Tomorrow we head back to the beach with the guys from the homeless ministry here.  They never get to the beach.  Gonna be another impactful day!

Lorena was very serious about her scraping work.
She scares me! 
George getting ready for some serious "drillage".

Rick was hard at it.  He scraped all the red bricks clean getting
them ready for paint.

Kelly....all smiles.  Let's face it....he is a freak! :)

Al working at the new ministry center.  

We had to hit the fireworks store!  It was crazy.  We bought huge fireworks
that you cannot get legally in Canada or the US.  Watch the video at
the will get the idea of what the show was like!

Rick wondering where George was getting all his energy.
I think Rick's problem is that he was not eating enough.

John Synder and one of the boys from the orphanage.  They all seem
to love him.  
Kelly using the Event Grille cooking up burgers and hot dogs
for the boys & staff at the orphanage.

It was a wild display.  The video below gives you a better feel
for the celebration and fun.

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