Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Random acts of kindness on a rainy day in Kyrgyzstan

On rainy days like today, they have a Russian saying for " черный день" which means a dark day... but when you add a little hope into the day, life feels a lot brighter...and that is what happened for 20 students today.
We had the opportunity (because of all YOU philanthropists) to give food packages out to the students to encourage them in the last leg before summer. So, we went off to the market in the pouring rain and ordered all the produce and then set up an assembly line right in the market to put the bags together. In each bag was rice, carrots, onion, garlic, meat, garlic, candy, sugar and tomato paste. Some students were harder to find than others. I have been getting names from the University as they identify kids in need, so we don't know them all personally, but we know there is a need. Imagine the excitement when a hungry student gets a call from someone they don't even know asking them where they are so they can get a food pack!! My dad always says that the miracles can be found in the unexpected more then the expected .
One girl was in class, but sent her family out to meet us to get her families pack. We delivered 700 lbs of packets to students in need.  What a beautiful day - a little hope shines brightly!

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