Friday, October 18, 2013

Becoming a Mother to the "Motherless"

Tuesday's are crazy in my house. That is the day we feed the homeless. I start early in the morning preparing food for 30 of my favourite homeless people. These people have become like family for me. I've always had a heart for the underdogs in life and the people that frequent El Faro (the lighthouse ministry of YWAM) are definitely underdogs.
There are people who come and go and then there are the people that have been there since I started helping out. People like Rosie (in the photo). She is the one who started to call me "Mami". At first i wondered if it is because she thinks I'm old enough to be her Mami - but she's in her 30s so that is just not possible. So i started to ask around as to why she calls me that. It's a sign of respect. She knows that I care. She can feel the love. I always have a hug for her (and everyone else who wants a hug). I am now cooking for them. I play dominoes with them. I've taken time out of my life to be with them. I have become their spiritual Mother. I am a mother to the "motherless".

Michelle Desaulniers

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