Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Little Princess (3 Little Princesses)

Just the other day we had the privilege to be part of something very special. Ken was asked to walk a little girl down the aisle for her graduation. Now this little girl is named Dayanara. She is very special to us. Dayanara’s schooling this year was sponsored by someone very wonderful through Possibilities International.
It is a very big thing down here when the children graduate from “Prepa” (SK) to Grade 1. The parents walk the children down the aisle. The little girls are walked down by their daddy’s and since Dayanara's daddy is not in the picture her mom called us to see if Ken would like to walk her down the aisle. Such a privilege. We arrived and Dayanara was so beautiful – dressed up like a little princess. Please see the attached photos – Ken walking down the aisle with Daya – Leslie with her diploma, Daya with her Mother and her diploma and Ken with all 3 girls Katty, Leslie, and Daya.

We are truly blessed to be working on your behalf down here in El Salvador.

We just wanted to share an update with you on the 3 girls that were sponsored – Katty, Dayanara, and Leslie. All three girls moved up a grade – yeah! Thanks to you!! ☺ Due to the “lack” of education in the public school system Katty and Dayanara are still a little behind but they are working hard to get level with their classmates. Both Katty and Dayanara will be staying in school an extra month. Leslie is doing wonderful in school and is right where she should be academically. Please look for upcoming dreams for schooling for the 3 girls and consider how you may help them out. By the way - The school they are enrolled in is wonderful

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  1. Uncle Kenny! You are the bomb baby!