Monday, December 30, 2013

Special Agent Update #1 - Ted & Jo in Mexico

Shop Shop Til You Drop
Well today we loaded up a family of kids from the poor section of town, took them to the local department store and gave them each a specific amount of pesos to spend and then turned them loose! We met these kids last year and they stole our hearts right away.

As we visited their place I noticed that even with so many kids around, we saw no toys, the reality hit us that in this type of poverty, toys are simply not a luxury that is possible and I'm pretty sure they have never had the opportunity to roll thru a store to buy their own presents for Christmas. WELL THAT IT IS UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!!! These kids were somewhere between ecstatic and overwhelmed! We were moved more than once as the day progressed when we heard kids saying things like "can I give up this sweater to buy a vest for my sister?" and "can I buy a cake so we can divide it up and give some to Ma and Pa". I find it interesting that in a world of such extreme poverty that it is here that I experience the deepest and truest form of generosity. The truth is that generosity has nothing to do with what you have to give but rather what you possess in your heart.
Ted & Jo

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