Saturday, September 19, 2009

Day two Part two

After visiting a few families in need , we went over to speak with the director of the Baby hospital... she has been very anxiously awaiting our return... in fact almost every day she has called one of our friends... it seems that every time she sees on the news about the economic crisis she is afraid that we will not be able to return...
Why is she so concerned... The hospital that she runs is also facing an economic crisis, and has been for many years... Her hospital is the hospital that you go to if you have no money, of if a baby is given up for adoption... This is the place that the first breaths of life are taken, yet it out of sight and out of mind... it is even located behind the back of the main hospital... you would never find it if you did not know it was there... People help the orphanages.. the help the hospitals, yet no one is there to help them... This has been a real burden and distress for not only the staff at the hospital, but for the government social workers.. they are responsible for providing for these babies, but just simply do not have the funds.
As I walked through the halls ,it struck me... this is likely were all the babies were born that I have come to know so well out there in the blogging community... then I looked down at a pair of new born babies and thought you dear precious child... who is waiting for you.... where will life bring you... As I looked around I remembered why we agreed to take this project on... Because No one else would... THIS IS A DARK CORNER of society.... I have the greatest respect for the head Dr here, so I am not going to show the before photo's until we have a finished product in hand we are there to help, not to embarrass... We got the ball rolling today, and on Tuesday we will be back there and meet with the contractor we have chosen and the journey of transformation will begin... I say journey because it will take a lot more then one team and one fundraiser for this place, but it is a start, and as we bring awareness to the situation, I am sure we will see awesome things happen.... by this time it was 10:30 am and we headed to the capital to meet with our friend we work with for the operations and the homeless programs as well as the rehab centre... now it was not all work... I gathered them all up for a lunch meeting , I decided to take them to the golf course as I knew that they would appreciate the hamburgers there... but our plans were foiled... there was a tournament on so there kitchen was closed... but fortunately the owner is a fellow Canadian, and the next thing you know we were siting down to an all you can eat Canadian style BBQ complete with 2 inch thick T-bone or prime rib steaks done to perfection... likely the best I have ever had.... So tonight you don't need to feel sorry for
Now I started this post saying that it is part two... part one is a story you will not want to miss, so you can check it out, in a preview form , over on my blog . or you can wait a few days and you will find it with the details filled in and a plan in place over on the site.
well off to bed... we head for the airport in 3 hours to great the team ....

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