Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Don't miss an opportunity

Wow ... This is awesome... I get to do the first Trip report on this sight... I just stuck a last minute load of wash in the machine, and in a few hours, I will be heading to the airport... I will be landing in Kyrgyzstan on Friday morning , and joined a few days later by some friends from Quebec...

We have an incredible two weeks planed with them...From a heating system for a Seniors home to an ICU ward for a baby hospital, and everything in between... Stay tuned as we follow up with the work in the villages, the invalid home, the rehab centre, and the families living at the dump... We will be checking in with our friends at the family resource centre, the schools, and the university. We will be helping start a physiotherapy centre for kids, an providing operations for those in need ... We will be spending our down time re establishing our connections with the wonderful kids at a few orphanages as we take them on outings and shopping trips... AND THAT IS JUST THE START.... I am sure that some more exciting new opportunities will arise... stay tuned and be ready... the last thing that you will want to do is miss out on an opportunity to become an everyday philanthropist..... iam1ru ?

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