Friday, September 18, 2009

Not sure how I feel !

I can remember a few years back that Julie said "come with me".... and marched me into our washroom, and said "look at this... This old house is in worse shape then some of the ones from Central Asia that you are posting on the Blog"... she said "Honey the toilet is falling through the floor" ... It was obvious that we needed to do a little work around the house , and we did ... new roof, new bathroom.... but the rest of the house is still an old house.... Today I heard a storey retold to me....
There is a certain person here that has tried to cause trouble for us in the past... one of the accusations is that we must be somehow profiting from what is going on here... well a while ago Sergey and Anya happened to be at an event and ran into this person. My soon coming arrival was topic of discussion.. neither knowing that there was a connection, this person said to Anya.. do you know this Johnybeck.?.. what is your take of him....
Anya Proudly stated "YES of course I know he AND his family... in fact He is my boss... He does everything to help people here. It is more like he works for us.... Then she went on to tell her that when we first started coming she watched all the people we helped, and thought boy they must be rich... then a couple years back... ( after I had fixed the house up... so I thought ) they traveled to Canada... she said that when they got to our home she could not believe... she said it needed so much work .. and his cars were so old to, and she said that she realized at that point how blessed she was to have us.... "
She then told them "That is one of the reasons that we are so careful with every $$$ that comes in and grateful for every penny..It is also why we can do so much... " Now I know what she means , I have spoken about it myself, and PI talks about it as well... ORDINARY PEOPLE DOING EXTRAORDINARY THINGS....The whole " You don't need to be Bill Gates, or Opera... we can all do our part..... It's just that I usually then share a storey of the conditions I face in Central Asia... I never imagined that I would be the storey they shared on this side of the globe.
Really not sure how that makes me feel ...Hummmmm

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