Friday, September 25, 2009

A lesson in HOPE

When we sat down with the director of the Seniors home and told her about the funds we had raised for the heating system, I could tell that she had mixed emotions. What we did was to provide enough funds to put in the boilers but the heating pipes for only part of the home... this would mean that it would be necessary In the colder months to move people closer together.. I could tell she was relieved that the heat was coming, but at the same time was disappointed that we could not do the whole thing... I understand that it is because she had put all her HOPE in us...... and when we were not going to provide the total heating system she had no other hope... We told her that this was a start, and that we would believe with her that as we steeped out and began this project that others would come along and support.... It is to big a job for most groups to tackle, but once things were started, maybe others would join in... She smiled and agreed, but I could tell she did not believe.... This morning we had a guest at the apartment for breakfast... we talked a little about our projects here, then he gave us a donation of $1000 toward the heating system.... This is so big in many ways... here that is the equivalent of a years wages... it is also a great confirmation that we were not to simply do the whole job, but as we have seen so many times before in so many projects, If we can take the first step... the big step, then teach them how to HOPE... amazing things can happen... and they have.
With in minutes, Sergey was on the phone to tell her the good news....
How cool is that !

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