Thursday, June 10, 2010

The A Team

What a team you were.
I mean it. I was so blessed by the trip and the opportunities we had to care for the hurting, helpless and hopeless. However, I was more blessed just watching all of you respond the way you did to what the Manaserro's needed...what Whitney was a true encouragement to me. Roger...I could not have imagined the trip without you. I am so glad you stepped beyond what others thought and their plans and jumped in.  Awesome! Kelly...the man of perpetual motion. What a servant you were. Be blessed. 
Dr. are a tribute to the medical profession. It is PI's honour to have you part of the team. can be a late addition to my team anytime. It was a joy to watch you care. Kari...once you are out of bed you are amazing! Lol! Seriously, you are an example of what it means to take your passion and gifts and use them to bless other people. dream is to have enough resources so you could travel on all PI trips and do for me and for everyone what you did on this trip. There is none better. Besides one could find a better friend than you. Fin...your heart for the hurting, helpless and hoepless is worn on your
sleeve....mixed with your energy and drive...lethal. In a good way. You inspire me to push harder.
Charles and Connie....supporters of PI from the beginning, you embody what servants are...and are a credit to "the way". You are welcome on any PI team. are the salt of the earth and it has nothing to do with where you are employed. Stay tender and teachable...the sky is the limit. crack me up! I will never forget you telling Patrick to tell me sooner when to turn. Your heart to serve was awesome. Scott...get ready as you are heading back in September. It is always a joy to have my boys travel with me. You guys truly are the pride and joy of your mother and I. Greg...your first trip....awesome. The first of many I hope. You have so much to not give sparingly...give hilariously! There is so much power and grace in you...give it away!

Stay tuned to over the next few days as we will be posting the upcoming trips for PI in late 2010 and 2011.  On the docket....Haiti in December....Guatemala in March....Mexico in May.....Ukraine in July and Kyrgyzstan in September.  All the details will be over on the iam1ru site.

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