Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What a great day...

Phil here...
We are having a the blast furnace! The jungle was a hot place
but I must admit Haiti is hotter. However in the midst of this heat this
team is impacting the hurting, helpless and hopeless in incredible ways. It
was bananas today to watch the young boys get their new shoes. Pete and
Marcel had to jump in for the picture. As you can see they sort of blocked
me I was also part of the feeding program today and that was
crazy. It was raining and Ron and the Freakshow decided to get out their
special Canadian umbrellas. The children had a good laugh. It was cool to
watch the team serve the children that came in off the street. Tons of
stuff...good stuff...taking place today. Pete, Ron and Greg were busy
painting the boys home...and got a little sun. Sorry about the pic with no

Sam Welten
Executive Director (aka....The Freakshow!)
Possibilities International
Everyone can be a philanthropist!

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  1. thanks for the photo of the nurse! its his birthday today!!